Gold Star Families remember what they lost

Sunday was Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, where the families of those who lost relatives while serving their country were honored.

Lynn Jardinico, the Chapter President of Houston Gold Star Mothers, lost her son Rhys in Iraq. She tells KTRH it was also a day for Gold Star Mothers to bond.

“There’s a sisterhood that develops with other mother’s that have been in the same situation. There’s a common thread that other people just can’t understand,” she explained.

After ten years, does it get any easier to deal with her family's loss? She says in some ways, yes.

“You can go back and visit that at your own time, in your own place, and when you want to deal with it. Yes it does get better; it’s still painful but you have a better way of dealing with it,” Jardinico said.

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