Designer pet food is a billion-dollar industry

This year, we've spent tens of billions of dollars on our pets. The American Pet Products Association reports this year people spent $30 billion feeding their pets, which is up from $28.23 billion last year.

Part of that is on upscale food. We're looking at ingredients like kale, quinoa, pumpkin, coconut, turmeric and cardamom. Houston-based Natural Pawz Nadine Joli-Coeur said the benefits are worth it.

“More energy, better coat, brighter eyes, cleaner teeth, less illnesses, less propensity when they do have allergies,” said Joli-Coeur

She said they formulated a single protein treat years ago for Houstonians, but it's now becoming main stream. More people now buy premium, human-grade food that is organic and minimally processed.

“The less processed, the better you eat, the better ingredients and the better you feel. And, the better quality of life,” said Joli-Coeur

She said with the higher price tag for better quality food, pets often eat less because they absorb nutrients better. That also means less output when pets poop.

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