Airplane Seat sizes can be dangerous

The size of your seat on the airplane could kill you! That's the warning from some industry watchdogs who claim the airlines have made seats so small they're damaging crash test dummies.

Critics say the seats are tiny because the airlines need more seats to make money. Mary Kirby is editor of Airline Passenger Experience magazine.

"Passengers are not willing to pay the true cost of airfare and the airlines have no other option but to squeeze more passengers into their aircraft; into economy class."

But Paul Hudson of says tiny seats can kill in a crash.

"You have to be able to get out in case of a crash, generally, within 90 seconds or there's a good chance you'll be overcome by fire or water, in the case of a water landing."

Hudson's group would like to see the FAA make rules for seat size.

"Your head could hit the seat in front of you unless there's a certain amount of separation and recent studies have found the airplanes have not been properly tested for the smaller seats and lack of leg room."

In decades past, airplane seat depth was 35 inches; but now it's down to 28 inches in some cases -- smaller than cars, buses and trains.

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