The World Ends Tomorrow

After the month we’ve been through, it might come as a relief to some that the world is predicted to end tomorrow.  A planet is going to smash into us and end life as we know it.

Or not.

Christian numerologist David Meade finds verses in Luke and Revelations reveal that recent events including the solar eclipse, repeated hurricanes, and a few earthquakes, indicate the apocalypse is at hand.

He says he is able to pinpoint the exact date to September 23 using Egyptian pyramids that foretell destruction when Nibiru (aka Planet X) passes by Earth.

NASA says there is no Nibiru, if you believe science.  Meade says it has something to do with a pregnant woman and dragons, if you believe Game of Thrones.

Ron Hubbard doesn’t believe many people are taking it seriously.  “I hope he’s wrong, but I can tell you now that I haven’t had a single person call me or even make reference to it,” he tells KTRH News.  Hubbard makes Atlas underground shelters for millionaires.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t worried, you probably don’t need to be either.

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