Speaker Ryan Praises Texans, Pledges More Relief

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday praised the spirit of Texans in the wake of Hurricane Harvey as he toured flood damaged neighborhoods across Houston.

“From citizens to the Cajun Navy to the Coast Guard to EMS personnel, it was truly impressive,” Ryan told reporters outside a home in Friendswood.  “America is really in awe with how Texans have handled this hurricane and how they've helped each other, from churches to local governments.”

“You are in our hearts and in our prayers, and aide is coming,” he said.  “We will be doing more to make sure we can respond to this disaster.”

Ryan has now visited both Florida and Texas as Congress prepares to consider additional emergency funds.  “This is one of those unprecedented disasters that will require a very bold response at all levels of government,” he added.

The Speaker was flanked by Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, who accompanied him on an aerial tour of the devastation.

“We flew around the city and the county so the Speaker could get a good picture of what challenges lie ahead for us as we go back to Congress and move at least two more relief packages,” said Cornyn.

Members already approved a $15 billion hurricane relief package, but know more is needed after Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico.

“The entire delegation is working closely with mayors and county judges, local officials and school superintendents to catalogue exactly what the damage has been, the homes that have been damaged, the businesses and schools,” said Cruz.

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