POLL: Homecoming dress rules causing controversy

In advance of homecoming, a Wisconsin school is making female students show pictures of their attire so they can be screened for appropriateness. Etiquette experts are having some issues with this.

No Houston-area school districts say they're doing this. Etiquette expert Colleen Rickenbacher says Wisconsin handled this wrong and thinks lawsuits might even arise.

“They also need to be very fair the whole way around. If they do it for one, they need to do it for everybody. They can’t just say, ‘okay, what’s for her’ has to be the same for every single person that walks through that door.” said Rickenbacher.

Rickenbacher says this ruins the whole fun of homecoming.

She added this is going to cause students to push it to the limits.

“Worried about the midriff, cleavage, the straps, the back-you know how backless. I think a dress code should be sent home, with pictures. But, at the same time—to be protected—they also need to set a dress code for the young men,” said Rickenbacher.

When asked for comment, all Houston-area school districts say they're NOT asking for photos of student's attire ahead of homecoming.

Rickenbacher is curious who will be the enforcer...and suggests students should be the ones judging what's appropriate.

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