Fall temps won’t be in Houston for another week

Fall starts today, but there's no noticeable temperature change.

“I will say that we’re going to certainly be mild. In fact, I’m looking at a big fall front coming our way the end of next week. We should get our temperatures down into the upper 60s a little bit, maybe some mid 80s for highs. But, temperatures, with that dry air, we’ll easily make it to 92,” said Channel Two meteorologist Frank Billingsley.

He said instead of showers, he expects some dry air from the east to move in because of Maria.

Billingsley said it won't surprise him if we see some really cold temperatures in December.

“Back in 1989, after we had a really active tropical summer with Tropical Storm Allison, and Hurricane Chantal and Hurricane Jerry. Then, we had seven degrees on December 22nd,” said Billingsley.

Billingsley says it will feel more like fall a week from now, when a cold front moves through the area.

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