Churches not getting help from FEMA after Harvey

Churches jumped into action when Hurricane Harvey hit. But they suffered damage as well, and they aren’t getting any government assistance.

This is why both Texas Senators have introduced a bill to give churches the access to FEMA money. It's why the Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a letter to President Trump requesting help for the churches. Jonathan Saenz at Texas Values tells KTRH not helping the churches is wrong.

“It really is very upsetting that FEMA is using a religious test to prevent these churches from getting the relief that they need,” Saenz explained.

The Stafford Act of 1988 made churches ineligible for this money, but Saenz says other Presidents could have changed it.

“There’s a policy that’s been in place since President Obama has been in office that houses of worship will not get this kind of relief,” Saenz stated.

But Obama didn't choose to pursue any changes at all. Three Texas churches have filed suit over this, and President Trump has Tweeted his support for the churches, too.

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