Today’s teenagers have some catching up to do

There are some interesting numbers that show today’s teenagers are about three years behind where you were if you grew up in the 1970’s, especially when it comes to things we all did as kids.

For instance, only 55% of today's teens had a job, compared to 76% of the kids from the 70's. Parenting expert Harry Harrison Jr. tells KTRH this is on you as parents.

“They don’t want to teach kids about life. They don’t want them to fail or even touch failure. They don’t want them to be unhappy,” Harrison said.

Also, only 63% dated compared to 88% from the earlier era. Harrison says you can blame that on smart phones. Kids today don't know how to make real friends.

“The cell phone has replaced your best friend. If I had my druthers I wouldn’t give a kid a smart phone until he or she is fifteen years old,” Harrison explained.

 And there are some other numbers to chew on. 73% of today's 12th graders have driver's licenses. That compares to 88% from the 70's generation. And 62% report they are sexually active, compared to 68% of kids from the 90's - the earliest that data was put together

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