Many make mistakes when asking for a raise

Experts say you should ask for a raise -- but don't give the boss an ultimatum. Schedule a yearly performance review.

Workplace expert Jim Whiddon says many workers -- millennials in particular -- are motivated by more than money.

"It's about purpose; it's about being a part of something greater than themselves and accomplishing something."

Whiddon says the discussion of a raise will arise naturally from a performance review.

"If you as the employee ask for that, the employer is going to look on that favorably because most employees dread that review."

Whiddon says you should always treat your job as if you're interviewing for it.

Whiddon says if you impress your boss, the money will follow.

"You're always interviewing; there's never a time on the job when you're not interviewing -- that's the way you need to think about it because you're interviewing for a raise or another position, et cetera."

 Experts suggest you do a little research about your employer; obviously a company that's struggling is gonna be less likely to give you a raise.

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