Amazon continues to cause problem for brick and mortar retailers

You may have seen the news this week that Toys R Us, just ahead of the start of the Christmas shopping season, filed for Chapter 11. They are the latest big box retailer to have issues, and it’s all because of the success of Amazon.

Twenty big retailers announced they are closing stores this year. Shopping expert Trae Bodge tells KTRH if brick and mortar retailers want to stay in business they better put their thinking caps on.

“The brick and mortar retailers that really learn how to be strong online and be as innovative and forward thinking as Amazon is, those are the retailers that are going to make it through this,” Bodge explained.

But even if they do, Bodge says it isn't likely that they are going to catch up to Amazon because they are just too far ahead at this point.

“They are always thinking one step ahead. They come out with things no one else is thinking of, and it happens over, and over, and over again,” Bodge stated.

 And they continue to be ahead of the curve. We told you earlier this year Amazon has been quietly opening brick and mortar stores. Bodge says that's an attempt to go after a lower income audience that can't afford prime memberships

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