What are you spending your money on?

We always have our eye on your money, and today we’re doing it with a bit of a twist.

Thanks to social media, we compare what we have and what we do to our friends and neighbors. So what are you spending your money on?

About half of you recently told a poll from Bankrate that you're likely to make a 'considerable purchase’ by the end of the year. Robin Saks-Frankel at Bankrate tells us a lot of this involves getting away on vacation.

“The most likely selection was airline tickets. If you think about the time of the year we are coming into it’s not all that surprising,” she explained.

So what does this mean for the economy in general? Saks-Frankel says if you're President Donald Trump, the arrow is point up.

“Americans have a lot of confidence in the economy. If they feel comfortable enough to make a big purchase, it means the economy is on the right track and consumers feel that confidence,” Saks-Frankel said.

Other items you're likely to buy include furniture, a TV, smart phone, computer or large home appliance.

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