POLL: Study Says Millennials Desperate for Student Loan Forgiveness

A new study claims that half of all millennials would consider giving up their right to vote if it meant never having to pay back their student loans.

"Absolutely not. I think there's a disconnect I think for millennials in their appreciation of what it means to vote," says author Gabrielle Bosche, a millennial expert.

The students' reasons may be grounded more in economics than in patriotism.

"Right now a student who is graduating owes about $38,000 in undergrad debt alone," says Bosche.

Bosche agrees there could be short-term economic benefits.

"For the long-term effect, economists still aren't sure what that would look like for our economy as a whole of what would happen if we were to forgive over $1 trillion."

Candidate Donald Trump pledged student loan forgiveness after 15 years of repayment. However, the president's education secretary is calling to eliminate loan forgiveness programs.

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