Agents Dispute DHS Claim Border is Tougher Than Ever

A new report by the Office of Immigration Statistics claims border security is tougher than ever.

Homeland Security officials say the number of illegals caught at the border has nearly doubled from a decade ago, but agents on the ground say the numbers are somewhat skewed.

“I don't believe that to be the case at all,” says Chris Cabrera at the National Border Security Council.  “Catch-and-release is still going strong and we still have people coming over in droves.”

“What they're touting is that we're down from this point last year, which there's no argument there,” he says.  “But what they're failing to recognize is we're up from this point last month compared the month before, so we're starting to get in another one of these upward trends in a traditionally slow time of year.”

Cabrera says agents are curious to find out what compromise was made over DACA.

“I don't know what deal they're going to cut or what's going to happen,” he says.  “We just know that we need more resources, we need more agents on the ground, we need more security, whether it's an actualy physical wall or some type of technological wall.”

The number of agents has nearly doubled since 2004, with President Trump calling for an additional 5,000 officers.

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