2017 will be a Hurricane Season to remember

After twelve years of quiet, two major hurricanes hit the U.S. mainland close together. Now this is being called a "worse than usual" hurricane season -- and it's far from over.

Dr. Jeff Masters is a co-founder of Weather Underground.

"We haven't seen a season this bad since 2010 so a long time to have this kind of activity."

Professor Michael Bell is a hurricane forecaster at Colorado State University.

"September 10th is the climatological average date for peak activity and we're seeing that now with Hurricane Maria."

Professor Bell says we're not out of the woods yet; September is usually the worst hurricane month for the Gulf.

Dr. Masters says an El Nino would help keep the water cool, but we didn't get one this year.

"Usually you get a case where upper level winds are strong and a hurricane tries to form and it gets ripped apart by upper level winds, but that's not the case this year."

Professor Bell says CSU expected an above average hurricane season and that's just what we got.

"I think everyone in the Houston area should stay prepared and make sure their hurricane plans are intact."

Typically the Gulf doesn't get strong hurricanes after September, but this is not a typical year.

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