Multiple Debris Removals Planned in Harris County

Harris County is planning multiple debris removal pickups in unincorporated areas flooded by hurricane Harvey.

Precinct Four Commissioner Jack Cagle urges patience as crews go neighborhood-to-neighborhood, or there's a self-help drop-off site on Humble Road in Tomball available to county residents only.

“Just make sure that if you are the resident that you come with your identification and prove that you're a resident of the county and you are the person who is accompanying that debris,” says Cagle.

Cagle also says residents can do their part by not parking on the street when crews are scheduled to come by.

“If you have multiple people who are parking on a street, these are big machines and they won't be able to go down the street,” he says.  “So you could inadvertantly cause your entire street to not be serviced on the first pass.”

Residents with household hazardous waste can dispose of it at a collection site on Hahl Road.  More information is available online at

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