Is the party over for Democrats and Republicans?

If you believe a growing number of political analysts, life as we know it for both the Democratic and Republican parties, is over.

The theory behind saying the parties as we know them are finished is because of President Trump's 'increased comfort' in shifting from working with Republicans to working with Democrats. U-H political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus says there's some merit to this line of thinking.

“People general become dissatisfied with party leadership as they have these high profile failures and missteps during legislation,” Rottinghaus explained after Republicans failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

But as for this being the end of the parties as we know them, he doesn't think that's going to happen at all. And we could see that on display as early as next year with the midterms.

“That always returns during elections. When elections come around, partisan voters are right back in the mix,” Rottinghaus stated.

And he also says you need to follow the party unity scores. Lawmakers are still voting with their parties over 95% of the time.

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