Can leaving a blue state for a red state change your life?

There are more and more people realizing that it’s better for them to leave blue states, their higher taxes and tougher regulations for red states like Texas.

Earlier this year we told you that over 65 thousand Californians moved here from Texas to escape the taxes and regulations. Leah Singer didn't move to Texas, but she did move to a red state, and tells KTRH she's glad she did.

“The cost of living is much lower. You can afford to do more with less. You can give back to the community. You can make a difference locally,” Singer explained.

And Don Hooper at Big Jolly Politics says it's not just the lower taxes and better business climate here that attracts people; it's our way of life and attitude, too.

“I like what Tucker Carlson of Fox said last week when he said he loved Texas; that it’s our most self-reliant state,” Hooper said, adding that our 'can do' attitude is another thing that's attracting people from blue states like California and New York.

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