No word if TEA will delay STAAR tests following Harvey

The STAAR tests are set in advance of the school year. When Harvey hit and have hindered hundreds of school districts from opening along the Texas Coast. Now parents and educators want to know what they'll do for the state's testing system.

The Texas Education Agency is still trying to determine whether to delay testing, or not, for those districts severely affected by Harvey. TEA's Lauren Callahan said they have 20 Region Service Centers across the state. Four took a direct hit that are located from Corpus Christi to Beaumont.

“We’re talking about 275 districts. More than 1.4 million students at this point have been affected by the storm in some way,” said Callahan. “At the moment, no decisions have been made regarding testing. As you know we have a lot of issues we’ve been working through for the last few weeks.”

Callahan said they'll probably make a decision in a few weeks.

TEA’s Lauren Callahan said it takes a lot of planning to organize the STAAR testing dates every year. The calendar is set usually before the school year starts.

To deal with the financial issues, Callahan said they’re wororking with other state agencies, the governor’s office, and Senator John Cornyn’s office.

Callahan said you can reach TEA hotline for parents or call 512-463-9603 seven days a week from 8 am to 5 pm.

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