Can Your Fridge kill You?

We make jokes about the toaster emailing the fridge, but could the North Koreans hack into your smart appliances and start World War three? Probably not, but the so-called "Internet of Things" is now the subject of a Senate push for better security.

Internet security expert Robert Siciliano says it starts with the manufacturer.

"There's no question about it the manufacturers need to tighten their hardware and their software; they need to make sure that before these devices are deployed they're essentially locked down and can't be hacked."

But Siciliano says you have a role to play, too.

"Do some research ahead of time; search out the names, the make, the model for security issues, for software updates."

Siciliano says anything you connect to the Internet is potentially a security risk.

"There are so many millions of IoT devices out there right now that are vulnerable, consumers still need to take some general responsibility and update their software and update their firmware."

A Colorado Senator has introduced legislation requiring better security for smart home appliances.

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