Sitting for more than 30 minutes can kill you

It's now clear that sitting too long can kill matter how much you exercise.

A study finds that the longer you sit, your chances of dying early increase.

Kelsey Sebold's  Dr. Shane Magee says you can't break up the time in your car, but you can change being a couch potato or get up at work and move around.

“It’s not just how much exercise you do, it’s how much you break up the sitting throughout the day. So we find that people who sit for longer stretches of time, even though they may exercise for an hour at the end of the day, die more often,” said Magee.  “It is scary and it is worth thinking about how to break up the the day. Of course, we can’t change everything, we can’t change the two hour commutes, especially with Harvey. But, we can change the sitting for two hours in front of the TV or sitting for two hours at your desk.”

Magee said every 30 minutes, get up and move around.


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