Red Cross continues efforts post-Harvey

The recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey continue. There are many in the Houston area that are still in shelters. David Brady, the CEO at the Texas Gulf Coast Region of the American Red Cross, told KTRH they are working hard to get them out of those shelters.

“That process is happening now. Our goal is to get them out of the shelters,” Brady stated.

In the first days after the storm hit, Brady says there was an outpouring of volunteers. Now, weeks after the storm, the Red Cross finds themselves needing more.

“Now is when we need more help. There is definitely a need for volunteers with specific skills. We definitely need drivers,” Brady explained.

There has also been some question as to where money that you are donating for Harvey relief is going. But Brady wants you to know there should be no question at all.

“That money will remain here to support our fellow Texans. It’s going to stay here and we will make sure that money is put to good use,” Brady said. “Any money that was given to the Harvey relief fund for the American Red Cross will be spent here in the state of Texas.”

If you want to volunteer for the American Red Cross you can do so online.

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