Liberal colleges take their extremism next level

You probably just sent your kid back to college. Now, we all know how liberal many colleges are, but some are taking it to a brand new level.

Some of them have actually implemented policies where professors are told to report students who are "less inclusive" to Behavior Assessment Teams. Arthur Brooks with the American Enterprise Institute told KTRH it's all part of a growing trend.

“Especially over the last five years, there’s been an explosion of alternative objectives for universities; around social justice and progressive value lines,” Brooks explained.

It's a trend he says will have parents thinking about just where you send your kids to college, but he also says there are some schools trying to tone it down.

“In the last year I’ve lectured at Harvard, Princeton and Stanford. Those schools have now made a public commitment to the diversity of ideas,” Brooks said.

He's hoping that other schools do the same thing; that they protect viewpoint diversity, especially when it comes to conservative viewpoints.

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