PODCAST: Negative Media Bias Against Trump Continues

It appears network news is easing up on their coverage of President Donald Trump, but not the negative spin against the White House.

The Media Research Center found coverage of President Trump during the evening newscasts has fallen from 61 percent of stories during the first three months of Trump's presidency, down to 30 percent through August. However, nine out of ten stories are still negative.

“This level of vitriol, this consistantly for so long is unprecedented in media coverage,” says Mike Ciandella, research analyst for MRC. “It has gotten to the point where you can't differentiate the things they should be criticizing him for from the complete garbage, because they're just yelling about every single thing.”

And Ciandella says the networks are showing no sign of recognizing any positives from the Trump administration.

“At some point, the viewers have to get fatigued about it,” he says.

“But as far as the media goes, we've seen the level of coverage drop off slightly at the beginning, but they're still at levels higher than all the coverage that President Barack Obama received in the last two years of his presidency combined.”

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