Debris Removal Will Take Months

We need to take a deep breath as we consider that much of the debris lining Houston roadways will be there for months. Four to six months, and for some homeowners, even longer. FEMA offers these guidelines for sorting.

Kurt Thormahlen is General Manager of DRC Emergency Services, a Galveston company contracted to handle the herculean task of debris removal. “It’s a tough thing to ask,” he tells KTRH News. “I just ask for patience.”

Families carrying a dried Christmas tree in January past piles of weathered storm debris will require a lot of patience, but it is what we face.

Thormahlen has some tips to help the process move faster. “Get it out as quick as possible, and separate any vegetative debris. Put that away from drywall or anything you took out of your house. Get it as close to the right of way as possible, away from any low lying trees or wires,” he suggests. White goods (appliances) should be segregated, if possible.

They will make three passes by each house. If your debris is picked up on the early pass you can add more. The City of Houston is determining scheduling. Their website is here.

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