How many illegal immigrants live in Houston?

With Hurricane Harvey and the relief efforts that have been going on since then, the issue of illegal immigration hasn’t been getting much attention. But the problem isn’t going away.

In fact, reports say illegal immigration has doubled in the Southwest over the last four months. And reports say there are 600 thousand illegal immigrants living in the Houston area. Bob Price of Breitbart Texas says that number might be low.

“The number is a 2014 number which has probably gone up dramatically since then,” Price said.

And while we've heard about 'Sanctuary Cities' you might want to familiarize yourself with 'Sanctuary Businesses.'

“These are businesses that hire illegal immigrants or hiring them as independent contractors to skirt the employment and IRS laws to gain an unfair advantage,” Price explained.

Texas does require state agencies to use E-Verify, but it has no one in charge of making agencies comply with the law and doesn't require private agencies to use it.

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