Gas Prices Avoid Big Spikes that Some Feared

Despite Harvey and Irma, U.S. gas prices have held more or less steady -- defying predictions by some that fuel would skyrocket after the storms.

It appears the healthy inventory of gasoline has prevented the kind of price spikes some people feared.

Prices nationally average $2.66 a gallon for regular unleaded gas. In Texas, it's $2.52 – and in Houston, it’s even a few cents cheaper.

Sara Schimmer of AAA Texas says prices are leveling off, both nationally and in Texas.

She also says the "no gas" signs seen during Harvey were not because of a fuel shortage. Schimmer says the only real issues were delivery problems – situations where fuel trucks were delayed by road flooding.

There also was panic buying in cities like Dallas.

While there was no fuel supply shortage, the state had to work to overcome distribution problems – including not having enough drivers and equipment to distribute fuel. Additionally, many roads were inaccessible due to flooding. To help alleviate fuel delivery concerns, truck drivers were flown in from other states to assist with the distribution.

At its peak, Harvey shuttered 27 percent of U.S. processing capacity. Also, pipelines were forced to take pre-cautionary shutdowns.

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