Council to Discuss Tax Hike for Harvey Cleanup

Houston's mayor on Wednesday will officially present City Council his property tax proposal to help pay for hurricane Harvey cleanup.

The temporary tax hike would raise roughly $113 million dollars to pay for debris cleanup that could top $200 million.  Many on council support the mayor's proposal, calling it an emergency.

“I understand people are hurting, but people have to make a choice, either pick the stuff up or wait on it,” Councilman Jerry Davis said Tuesday.

Others fear the added cost will only hurt those the city is trying to help.  They want to look into alternatives if possible.

“If we just slow down a little bit and look at the monies we have available, we get into our fund balance and reimburse it later with a tax increase, then we might be able to do this in a more equitable fashion,” said Councilman Mike Laster.

Councilman Dave Martin was quick to point out that people's patience will only last so long.

“If you don't have a solution, then shut the heck up,” Martin said.  “Give me what your solution is going to be, tell me what you  think we need to do, because the people I live with you each and every day that have debris in their front lawns are asking every day when is it my turn?”

Three public hearings are planned before a final decision is made.

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