The new iPhone is here!

We think we know what Apple is going to confirm around noon Texas time at Apple's new Steve Jobs spaceship headquarters. Leaks from the code of the iOS 11 operating system and case manufacturers have told us what size the three new phones will be and details about features. It might cost a grand!

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says he expects Apple to announce an iPhone 8, 8 plus and the iPhone X.

"The iPhone X, or whatever they're going to call it, that's going to be the redesigned one; it's gonna have wireless charging, it's going to be very expensive -- it's going to have some bells and whistles. The other two probably are going to be upgraded versions of the current iPhone 7."

We're expecting a bezel-less nearly six-inch display with no home button and facial recognition. The iPhone X will commemorate ten years since the first iPhone.

Some on Wall Street think the next iPhone -- at a $1,000 or more -- may make Apple the world's first trillion dollar company. But Garfield wonders if we've reached a limit to what smart phones can do.

"I mean, i dunno if people are expecting the new phones to fly or tell you the future or something, but at some point this is what we have; I mean, think about it, I remember when new laptops came out and tablets came out, they were thinner, they were faster, they had cameras, but at some point it's 'ahh, just another tablet.'"

Again, Apple will spill the beans around noon, Texas time.

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