POLL: Mayor Turner proposes tax hike

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is proposing a property tax hike in order to help pay for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Many of you are not happy.

The mayor says it's a temporary hike, but it is almost 9%. Some of you told our TV partner Channel 2 this makes very little sense.

“How about an income tax on purchases so that everybody would be helping out,” one person asked our TV partner Channel 2.

City Council member Mike Knox told KTRH he wants answers on this.

“Normally we get backup material. There was none there. I started asking questions about it. I have yet to get an answer. I’m not very happy about the Mayor’s handling of this particular issue,” Knox said.

And he's not going to say yes to the Mayor's request at this point.

“Of course I’ll listen to what he has to say, but at this point I’m not at all interested in busting the rev cap,” Knox stated, adding that it's "harmful" to the people of this city.

If the proposal goes through the increase would start in January. The average Houstonian would pay an additional 117 dollars in property taxes, putting their bill at almost $1500.

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