Texas' Cattle Losses Could Boost Beef Prices

Harvey's damage to agriculture is becoming clearer ... and it may drive up future prices for beef.

Texas ranchers may have lost tens of millions of dollars’ worth of cattle in the storm.

One-in-four beef cows -- that's 1.2-million head -- were in the counties declared disaster areas.

Ranchers with uninsured herds that drowned stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. The ultimate effect may show up months from now ... or even a year or more ... In the form of higher beef prices at the supermarket.

Analysts says ranchers are still totaling the hit within the southeast Texas counties that were declared disaster areas.

Statistics are still being compiled on those losses ... with the initial estimates being put at tens of millions of dollars’ worth of cattle.

Consumer prices for beef tend to change only further down the line ... so if there's any increase at the supermarket, it'll likely show up months from now ... or longer.

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