It's not just Nukes; the North threatens a Nuclear EMP Attack

It's the thing many Americans fear most: losing electricity. In addition to its nuclear threat, North Korea claims it has the ability to knock out our power, too, with what's called a nuclear EMP.

Former Navy Seal Dave Sears told Fox news it's a real threat.

"An electromagnetic pulse is a real thing; it's a high altitude detonation of a nuclear weapon that could cause that (power outage) among other things -- it would be absolutely devastating."

Sears says an EMP attack on North America would do damage worldwide.

"It shuts down all sorts of things including our financial systems -- the impacts would be global."

Sears says we need to convince the communist nation our retaliation would make such an attack a mistake for the North.

He says the North's recent missile tests have to be taken seriously.

"We have to start assuming these missile tests -- how do we know that they're not nuclear-tipped missiles? We have no way to know that so our response has to be adjusted to that; the calculations have completely changed."

North America’s power grids -- including the one in Texas -- are not currently protected against an EMP disruption or attack.

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