POLL: Were officials warned about flooding from a storm like Harvey?

In the wake of the historic flooding from Harvey, we are finding that officials may have been warned about what could happen.

Those warning materialized two weeks ago. Stephen Costello,

the City of Houston's Chief Resilience Officer, told KTRH you couldn't plan for what Harvey brought to us, no matter what kind of warning signals were sent.

“Harvey was one where you had multiple counties where you had similar duration and depths of rainfall. You can’t design or build for that kind of rainfall event,” Costello explained. “This was of biblical proportions relative of what we design for. No one would ever predict a Harvey.”

Sam Brody with Texas A&M Galveston says it's too late to talk about the warnings, but you can do something to prevent future Harvey's from happening.

“Pay better attention to some of these regional water shed issues; what the consequences would be of putting subdivisions out in the western part of the county,” Brody said, adding that we should be focusing new developments on areas that are less flood prone.

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