Houston Religious Leaders Rally Their Flocks

Dave Welch with the Houston Area Pastor Council says they’ve done it for every hurricane and they’re doing it for Harvey.

Leaders of the faith community held a second summit Thursday to organize relief plans across a diverse group of believers.  “It’s been very wonderful to see the scope and the depth and the diversity and cooperation and the energy behind hundreds of churches from all over the city working together and getting teams out throughout the neighborhoods,” he tells KTRH News.  It’s people living their values, he says.

Lakewood pastor Joel Osteen was the subject of public criticism for not opening the doors of his megachurch as a shelter as flood waters rose, but explained that the building has flooded in the past and they weren’t sure it was safe.  Israel Houghton, a former church leader at Lakewood Church, told TMZ Osteen is “the real deal.” 

Pastors, ministers, rabbis and leaders of all faiths have come together to help families affected by Hurricane Harvey through church groups, fundraisers and worship services.  This weekend will be especially busy with so much clean-up effort requiring volunteers Saturday and an opportunity to come together in houses of worship across the area on Sunday for services.  “There’s an opportunity for people to put on their gloves and get out and put our hands to the plow and help those in need, and then Sunday to gather and give thanks,” says Welch.

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