Depending on Irma's path, airlines and airports are facing more disruptions

Thousands of flights were affected in Houston with Harvey. Now, with Irma, if you plan to fly in or out of Florida within the next few days, reach out to your airline to find out of any changes.

Before Harvey hit, Houston airport officials were preparing days in advance getting the facilities ready for any possible damage. Houston Airport System's Bill Begley said they realized it was best for everyone's safety to close the airports.

Begley said before Harvey, thousands of flights were impacted even before the storm hit because airlines decided to cancel some flights because they realized some passengers would end up at a destination without a way to get home.

“The thousands of flights that were impacted were not just here in Houston, they were also the flights at all the other airports where people’s travel plans had to be rebooked or cancelled because so many of the flights that come through our airports are connecting flights”, Begley said.

He said both Bush and Hobby are not only main hubs for Southwest and United airlines, they're also main connecting hubs. About 60-percent of flights out of Bush are connecting flights.

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