Tropical storms getting more attention from Texans

This is the most active time of the hurricane season for storms to be forming out in the tropics. Forecasters claim it won't die down until next month.

National Hurricane Center former director Bill Read said Hurricane Harvey marked the ramping up of tropical storms-which normally happens between the last weeks of August and beginning weeks of October.

“We’re right in the heart of when you expect it to be active,” said Read.

He said this season only seems more active because it affected Texas personally.

When it comes to hurricane season, it's not "one and done", just because Harvey has come and gone.

“We have to kind of stay prepared and be ready in case one more forms and unfortunately comes our way ,” Read said.

Read said he anticipates more storms will form out in the tropics through early next month, then should taper off.

Right now, Katia joins Jose and Irma in the Atlantic as tropical storms during this peak storm season.

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