Houston remains in gridlock after Harvey

Traffic has been an issue in Houston for decades, but in the aftermath of Harvey, it’s gotten even worse.

We've had gridlock for the last two days. It's taken some people over two hours to get to where they have to go when it used to take less than a half-hour. KTRH Traffic Reporter Sky Mike explains what is going on.

“We’re taking back roads that are operational and they are now getting three and four times the normal traffic. This is causing the delays, and there is no part of town that is immune,” he stated.

The impact goes beyond a longer commute. Tim Lomax at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute says the economy around here is going to feel it, too.

“It’s going to take people longer to get to work. Stores are going to have a hard time getting goods, because suppliers are being slowed down. These are very real problems that are going to exist for a while,” Lomax explained.

And it may not be getting better anytime soon. Depending on how much the water recedes over the weekend, with schools back in session next week we could be adding to the traffic headache.

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