Houston destroys mainstream media narrative thanks to Harvey

The mainstream media loves to point out how divided we are as a country. But thanks to Harvey, that narrative blew up in their collective faces.

Instead of being at each other's throats, political analyst Jacquie Baly says we did what we always do here in times of crisis; we came together.

“We have a giving spirit and heart. No one saw color, ethnicity or political affiliation,” Baly said.

Sure the mainstream media pointed out those acts of kindness, but Baly says they have moved on because it simply doesn’t fit their agenda.

“They do not want to see that or will not cover it. They will try to bait one against the other because that’s what they do,” she explained.

Baly adds that they are trying to for ratings, and that the anger on both sides of the political aisle is better for the mainstream media than our acts of kindness in Houston and Texas.

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