Finding Rover with Facial Recognition Technology is combining the latest advancements in facial recognition technology with returning lost pets to their loved ones.

The Houston SPCA is teaming up with Petco Foundation to reunite pet owners with their lost or stray cats and dogs by means of a website called

While water rescues continue in the greater Houston area, work has already begun at the Houston SPCA to hit “refresh” on family relationships.  It’s never been done like this before. 

According to the Houston SPCA, “This is the first time in history that photos of ‘found’ animals arriving at shelters will automatically be loaded into a database which will continually search for a match. People who find a lost animal can also upload that picture into in hopes of making a match. Patricia Mercer, president of the Houston SPCA, says, “Our work has only just begun and we look forward to utilizing this extraordinary tool to help create some happy endings.”

How it works: Owners can search through all participating shelters in the U.S. for lost or found animals simply by uploading a photo of the pet at or using the Finding Rover app before it displays a possible match as well as the location. This vital service is completely free and can be accessed with a mobile phone or computer.

Registering a dog or cat is simple and free whether you are a pet owner, a finder of a lost pet, or any animal welfare organization working towards reuniting owners and pets.

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