A Houston Contractor will build a Wall Prototype

A Houston firm has been chosen to build a prototype for the President's border wall. Border patrol agents say a wall would help, but a mix of technology is what's needed.

Chris Cabrera with National Border Patrol Council says there are areas where a wall would work.

"For instance, we have some areas down here where it's built into a levy, so from the north side looking south it's very aesthetically pleasing; from the south side looking north it's very imposing. But it protects against flood waters and it's also instrumental in keeping people out of the populated areas."

But Cabrera says there are just as many spots where a simple wall won't get the job done. He'd like to see more high tech cameras and tracking devices.

"If you're in the Big Bend area you have a 30-foot sheer bluff going down to the river -- putting another 30-feet on top of that would probably be overkill; but if you're in the McAllen or Brownsville areas where you have a lot of crossings and it goes from one populated area to another, a wall is very important."

Critics say a wall covering the entire border is impractical and would be too expensive, because they don't believe Mexico will help pay for it.

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