POLL: House to vote on Harvey relief package today

The House of Representatives is set to vote today on the nearly $8B relief package that was proposed by President Trump. It's a package Governor Greg Abbott says is necessary.

“It needs a Texas sized response from Washington, DC,” Abbott said.

UH Political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus agrees, but says Hurricane Irma in the Atlantic could factor into some of the votes today.

“Irma could make some members of Congress think about delaying the package because the expectation is they will have to do it again,” Rottinghaus said, adding he doubts that will slow down the effort to get Texas money to help rebuild.

Back in 2012, after Superstorm Sandy, both Texas Senators voted against a relief bill. The mainstream media is bringing that up again, but they aren't explaining why Ted Cruz and John Cornyn voted no.

“Both suggested there was too much pork packed inside that relief bill,” Rottinghaus stated, adding he thinks Congress will likely keep the Harvey relief bill as 'clean' as possible.

But new reports say the Senate may try to add extending the debt limit to a Harvey relief bill, which could slow things down.

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