Don't trust walk-up Contractors -- no exceptions

If people claiming to be contractors come to your door, tell 'em you already have a contractor, whether you do or not. One roofer says the only thing you can trust that starts with a door knock is Girl Scout cookies.

KTRH home improvement guru Jim Dutton agrees on the Girl Scouts tip.

"He left out the popcorn from the Boy Scouts, but he's absolutely correct."

Dutton says one popular scam argument is to claim it'll be cheaper because they're not licensed.

"There are no exceptions because, quite frankly, anybody walking up to your door right now is a scammer; the real contractors are busy and there is no licensing in Texas, so no one is going to have a license."

Dutton says legitimate contractors don't make cold calls, either. Do your research and find a contractor with a good reputation.

"They are so busy, I've been talking with some of my contractor buddies and everybody's backed up; they're doing what they can to help all the storm victims, get 'em up and running temporarily and then coming back and making permanent repairs. They don't need to make calls right now."

Dutton suggests you get a Houston-area contractor to make repairs; not only to help the area economy but because a local contractor can make frequent visits to see how the work is progressing.

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