Red Cross Assists with Kitchens, Shelter Supplies

The American Red Cross is involved in more than 250 shelter operations in the greater Houston area because of Harvey, according to a weekend update by FEMA on relief and recovery efforts in the region.

Here are FEMA's most recent statistics on Red Cross operations in Texas:

--There are 258 shelters open -- with a population of at least 42,399 people.

-- To support shelters, the Red Cross has shelter supplies for more than 75,000 on hand with an additional 10,000 en route.

--Nine kitchens are deployed in Texas. The capacity of each kitchen is 10,000 meals per day.

--An additional six kitchen support trailers were en route this weekend.

--The Red Cross has already served 168,390 meals and 224,200 snacks -- and counting.

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