PODCAST: Beaumont Fire Captain: "No Clean Water In Beaumont"

During the night, the rising flood waters have caused their main pump for the city of Beaumont, Texas , that supplies water for the town's main water system to fail, so they have lost all water supply for the city of Beaumont indefinitely. 

Everyone in the population of 120,000 people are affected. Anyone who has water is asked to conserve it. 

Officials say they're trying to get equipment locally because they're cut of from routes with water across roadways, from sources they could borrow from. However, they're also cut off from other agencies and surrounding resources because water covers the roadways around the area. 

Temporary lines are being worked on to get the water within the next day or two. 

They did find one company that could have equipment locally, but they'd have to run some new pipelines in the river to get back to their water treatment plant. 

The flood waters in Beaumont on the north are more massive because it's close to Neches River. Pine Island Bayou is also overflowing.

No word on how long till Beaumont's water supply will be restored.

The town of Winnie is also having water supply failure.

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