Some MUDs urge boiling water

Several area water districts have issued notifications of unsafe water, urging subdivision residents to boil water before consumption. Among areas affected are the Lake Forest and Inverness Forest subdivisions and residents supplied by Residents P&B Water System, UV6 Water System and the SRC Water Supply/Lass Water Company System in Sellers Estates.

To ensure all harmful bacteria and microbes are destroyed, water for drinking by humans and pets, cooking, brushing teeth, rinsing contact lenses, shaving and making ice should be brought to a rolling boil for two minutes. Unscented liquid chlorine bleach may also be used — 2 drops per quart of clear water (8 drops per gallon) or 4 drops quart of cloudy water. It should be allowed to stand stand 30 minutes before using.

New purification tablets used following directions are also okay.

Residents should continue disinfecting water until notified the water is safe.

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