"Epic Catastrophic Flooding" has FEMA Needing Community Help During Harvey

FEMA officials informed the public shortly after 6a.m. that victims of Hurricane Harvey around the state and Tropical Storm Harvey locally need your help because the "epic catastrophic flooding" effects of Harvey will, when it's all said and done, "eclipse Tropical Storm Allison, and eclipse Ike." 

They shared about how you can assist people around Houston and the state. 

1.800.621.FEMA(3362) is the number to call for assistance.

nvoad.org is the website. Click the photo for the link:

disasterassistance.gov is the website to call or create and account for help you may need or want to provide for victims. Click the photo for their site:

The Coast Guard is still helping victims at this hour. Their help desk phone number is 281.464.4851

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