Shelters Open Amid Deadly Flooding in Houston

Harvey has hit Houston hard, and what started out as a wind concern for the Texas coast has turned into a deadly flooding event here in Houston.


Golden Acres Baptist Church - 2812 Pansy St Pasadena

-Pasadena High School - 206 S. Shaver

-North Shore High School 9th Grade Campus - 13501 Holly Park Dr .

-American Legion Hall in Crosby - 14890 FM 2100

-M. O. Campbell Center - 1865 Aldine Bender Rd

-Dobie High School 10220 Black Hawk Blvd

-Key Middle School - 4000 Kelley St

-Mendenhall Center 1414 Wirt

-Westside High School - 14201 Briarforest

-Paul Revere High School - 10502 Briar Forest Dr

City Officials Address Tropical Storm Harvey

City officials tell us there have been 300 water rescues due to the heavy rains we have gotten from Harvey. Harvey is also responsible for two official deaths.

“A driver went into high water, attempted to get out of her car and get to safety. That driver drowned. The incident is still being investigated,” Bill Begley with the Houston Airport System told KTRH.

Mayor Sylvester Turner says the Houston area is in for a long week.

“This is just the beginning. We anticipate Day Two, Day Three and Day Four,” Turner said.

Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Pena says if you are thinking of leaving your home, don’t.

“Do not go out of you do not have to. If you need to be rescued, call us and we will get to you,” Pena stated.

The Coast Guard Releases Emergency Phone Number

The US Coast Guard is conducting emergency water evacuations. Over 100 so far. If you need IMMEDIATE, EMERGENCY EVACUATION call 281-464-4851. You can hear the entire Coast Guard press conference HERE:

The Coast Guard is now involved in trying to help rescue people, especially those that are on their roofs.

“We would ask that you mark your roof that you can be seen from their air. Wave sheets or towels or anything to get our attention,” A Coast Guard Spokesman said.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, who tells KTRH they are inundated with calls as of this morning.

“The line might be busy. Keep trying. We have done over 500 water rescues so far.”

In Houston there have been over 2,000 rescue calls made.

President Trump has been Tweeting about the situation, saying that he will be coming to Texas as soon as he can.

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