PODCAST: Abbott responds to Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is hitting Texas, and will be doing so for the next number of days. Due to his torrential rains, there is the probability of flooding that will occur here in Houston and throughout the state.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is responding to the threat, telling Houston’s Morning News on KTRH it is not just DPS that will be involved in helping those that are impacted by Harvey’s wrath.

“We are working around the clock right now. We have dozens of state agencies involved,” Abbott said.

Those agencies include military options.

“We have put into motion about 700 military members from the Texas military. They have been located strategically to get to the most urgent points,” Abbott explained. “There are teams involving water rescue, that will be able to determine where the greatest damage.”

And as of this morning, Abbott made one last plea to those that are in the direct path of Harvey.

“There is still time for people in various regions to flee from this storm,” Abbott stated.

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