Hurricane Harvey approaching Texas

Harvey is now a hurricane. He’s getting stronger. And he’s close to slamming into Texas.

In fact, as of 3 o’clock this morning, Nikki Hathaway with the National Weather Service tells KTRH Galveston Island is starting to see the beginnings of the storm.

“A lot of the weather is embedded in the outer bands,” Hathaway said. “Some thunder, and some showers from the first band are making their way on shore. We are looking already five feet in terms of wave heights. Those will rise as the system moves closer.”

Here in Houston, we are expecting a tremendous amount of rain. Michael Walter with the Houston Office of Emergency Management says we will flood.

“That will cause rivers, bayous, and creeks to rise. We could experience flash flooding,” Walter explained. “We are going to have widespread rainfall over the entire city for a prolonged period of time.”

Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District says the bad news is there really isn’t a place that won’t experience problems.

“There’s no specific area in the county that we are more worried about than others. When we talk about this amount of rainfall, that could be a problem anywhere,” Lindner told KTRH News. “Given the gravity of the rainfall we could have people flood that have never flooded before.

Lindner also saying if you sandbag your house that will help to a point, but water "always wins."

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