Emergency Responders, Utilities are Prepped for Harvey

State agencies have mobilized and activated emergency plans in advance of Hurricane Harvey.

Among them; the Department of Public Safety, which is encouraging people to stay off the road as conditions deteriorate. But if you *must* drive ...

"Never attempt to drive through flooded roadways; Turn Around, Don't Drown."

Sergeant Stephen Woodward says that's more than just a slogan...

"Flash flooding is the number one weather-related killer in the state of Texas. More than 50% of all flash flooding incidents in the state involve vehicles."

In addition to resources be being summoned by state agencies, regulations are being eased. The Department of Motor Vehicles, for example, is suspending oversized and overweight permits for vehicles and cargo that will be helping with hurricane response.

Centerpoint Energy also has plans in place if Harvey's rain and winds bring service interruptions...

"We have been adjusting our staffing levels and schedules accordingly. We are ready."

They're urging customers to be prepared as well.

"As we know, no two storms are alike, so just be safe."

Centerpoint's Alejandra Diaz says customers can track any power outages online from their smartphone...

"You can also follow us on Twitter. The handle is @cnpalerts; we're going to be posting all the updates there."

She also says if you need to turn off the gas, do it at the appliance itself - not at the meter. That way, you'll avoid water getting into the gas line.

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